The problem with a “working lunch”

On Thursday I met up with my good friend and boss babe, Nicole Jardim, for a morning of business brainstorming. We spent a few hours going through what was challenging both of us in our respective businesses (and honestly, our lives too… because who can be all biz all the time??). I ended up skipping [...]

Why finding this is crucial to success

I receive emails almost weekly from IIN graduates, bloggers, and budding health coaches asking me how I’ve built a successful and sustainable business in the wellness world. Today I’m sharing a recent revelation I had as to what exactly has made my coaching practice thrive for almost 9 years. If you’re not a coach or [...]

The world feels a little wild right now. It seems like every day there’s another natural disaster or political scandal or depressing statistic. I try my best to stay up to date on world affairs without getting caught up in every headline, but sometimes it all can be a bit much, without even taking into [...]

Is IIN for you? {time sensitive savings offer}

On Friday I shared about a program that changed everything for me. If you read that email (or my book!) you know that The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program was the catalyst for me creating a career, and a life, that seriously lights me up. Today I’m going into a few more [...]

This changed everything for me

10 years ago my life looked completely different than it does now. If you had told then that 10 years later I’d be a best-selling author and sought after wellness expert living in Brooklyn with a six figure health coaching practice, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you (and I probably would've asked you “What even [...]

ALL my best travel tips

Currently I’m in the midst of a few weeks of travel. My husband, Navy and I headed first to Mexico for a wedding, then to Mexico City for our annual anniversary trip to Mexico City and finally to Los Angeles for some quality time in our second home. If you’ve been hanging out with me [...]

End of Summer Intention

Here in the US we’re approaching the end of summer fast! Naturally this has brought up a lot of feelings for me, my YHY community and my clients. So I wanted to take a moment today to check in with you - how are you feeling? Has the summer been everything that you expected it [...]

Last weekend I went to Kripalu for my dear friend Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back retreat. I haven’t been able to make it to her retreat weekends the past few years, so it was especially awesome to be there. Yes, it was great to go and learn (Gabby is one of my best [...]

3 tips for making ANY smoothie more digestion friendly:

Yesterday I spent the morning ALL up in the kitchen testing smoothie recipes for my second book (coming Spring 2018!!). Contrary to what you might see all over the magazines, most smoothies are NOT digestion friendly. Yes, smoothies can be packed with superfoods and greens, and they can be healthy, on-the-go breakfasts or snacks BUT [...]

Wow, the response to last week’s Facebook LIVE was incredible. What started out as a Q&A all about traveling with a little one ended up being a full “Ask Me Anything” on all things healthy baby and toddler.  Here are a few things we covered: When I introduced Navy to veggies and what she’s currently eating. [...]