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The most awk place I almost pooped [+ 4 happy belly travel tips]

Have you ever almost pooped your pants on vacation? Or is that just me? Earlier this year when my family and I were traveling in Australia, we reached a code red level emergency while grocery shopping in Byron Bay. It turns out they don’t have bathrooms in grocery stores in Australia. WHO doesn’t have a […]

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Aloe For Gut Health

Got gut inflammation? Today’s post is for you! This is all about one of my fave superfoods that doesn’t get as much hype as turmeric or matcha, but (in my opinion) is JUST as trend worthy and particularly good for your gut. Today I want to talk all about ALOE. Yes, that plant in the […]

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6 foods & drinks that can sabotage your digestion

For anyone who’s struggled with digestive issues, you know that it can be hard to tell if what you’re eating is helping or hurting your belly. Last week, during my interview on KTLA, I debunked some of the most common healthy foods that may actually be sabotaging your digestion. To be clear: these foods ARE […]

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