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The most awk place I almost pooped [+ 4 happy belly travel tips]

Have you ever almost pooped your pants on vacation? Or is that just me? Earlier this year when my family and I were traveling in Australia, we reached a code red level emergency while grocery shopping in Byron Bay. It turns out they don’t have bathrooms in grocery stores in Australia. WHO doesn’t have a […]

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Summer Reading

I never liked to read as a kid. I dreaded the annual summer reading list and would’ve been perfectly happy wasting most of my summer away staring at my beloved little pink television. Thankfully nature usually called me away and I ended up spending most of my days in a wet bathing suit “saving” frogs […]

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The Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric may very well be the new matcha, or chia, or collagen. Turmeric lattes are popping up on menus all over, it’s being added to juices and smoothies and even infused into cocktails. What’s the deal with this vibrant yellow medicinal root? Do the benefits of incorporating turmeric into your diet live up to the […]

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Products I Found via Social Media

Social media: sometimes I love it, sometimes well, it can be challenging to be connected so many ways so often. On one hand, it’s such an amazing opportunity to chat directly with so many of you, but when it leaves me feeling overwhelmed instead of inspired, well, that’s not how we want to be feeling […]

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Health and Wellness Booklist

As a self-proclaimed wellness junkie, I’m always learning something. I share a lot of what I’m reading on social media, but I thought it would be helpful to pull some of my favorite books together in one place. I loved putting together this booklist for you. Not only was it a chance to highlight some […]

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