My #1 Tip When Life Feels Overwhelming

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Although mercury is officially out of retrograde, I’ve heard from many of my coaching clients, friends and colleagues that the past few days have felt particularly intense. And understandably so: The first day (or few days) back to work/ real life after a major holiday weekend can feel like an overwhelming mess of anxiety.

I know personally I’ve had a lot going on with travel, business things and getting Navy ready to start school (I know, I can’t believe it either #timeflies). I seriously salute all moms. This back-to-school thing is no joke, and my kid doesn’t even have assignments or summer reading lists yet.

Navy feeling that post holiday MOOD.

So what to do when your family, work or life just feels overwhelming?

As I shared in this week’s Rockstar Coaching Collective call, my tip is to focus on ONE thing at a time.

For me that one thing is sleep. I haven’t been getting enough quality shut eye and while there are a number of other things I want to tackle this week with my food, workouts and biz, I know that I can’t do it all. At least not all at once 😉

So this week I’m choosing to focus on my sleep.

What’s your one thing?

Before jumping into to-do’s or what your brain says you need to focus on, take a moment to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart and take three slow breaths.

Ask yourself: What would be most supportive of me right now?

Then take a moment to listen to what that little voice inside of you says (that’s your intuition by the way). Write down whatever your one thing is – the simpler the better!

If you can, take an additional minute to think about what you need to do around that thing to make it actually happen. What do you need to do now or earlier in your day to set yourself up for success?

Navy is up at 6AM most days so I know that means I need to be getting in bed around 10PM if I want to get 7-8 hours of rest. Which means I need to start thinking about bed around 9PM, which means I’m saying no to evening commitments that would keep me out later and even setting a reminder on my phone to remind me to shut down.

This hasn’t happened every day (10PM is early for this natural night owl!!) but I’m doing what I can. And the most important thing is that I’m NOT overwhelming my already overwhelmed self with a whole list of to-dos. I have my one thing.

I’d love to hear from you: Was this tip helpful? What’s your one thing?

Leave a comment on the below and let me know.

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5 thoughts on “My #1 Tip When Life Feels Overwhelming

  1. I needed this reminder today. I’ve been dragging myself everywhere this past week. My usual routine has gone out the window and I can feel it. But it felt overwhelming to do it all (the food, the exercise, the meditation, the sleep etc) even though I know they will all help. One thing is more manageable. Thank you! xxx

  2. Thanks Robyn,

    This is super helpful! While I do not have to deal with “back to school” I still feel like this time of year is a reset plus I was away for a few days, back to work today. So its nice to have someone remind you to take a breath and tell you it’s OK, not everything needs to get done at once. My husband tells me this but its also nice to hear it from an outside source. Sleep is definitely #1. Hope Navy has a great first week! xo

  3. Oh, Robyn, this post came at the perfect time for me—thank you! Sleep is my number 1 “thing” as well. As a mom of 5, this back to school struggle is REAL. My oldest just started high school and that means we’re both up earlier than ever (she has to catch the bus at 6:35am…wahhh!) And my youngest is in pre-k and an early riser. I am exhausted and headache-y every day. Are there any food fixes you could suggest, especially if I can be doing something different regarding the evening meal. I often get super hungry before bed and then have to stay up for a bit as I get indigestion if I lay down right away. Thanks!! Xo, Tamar

  4. Focusing on one thing at a time is a great tip – albeit sometimes easier said than done! Definitely going to try though! And sleep/rest is a good one for me right now as well.

  5. I am SO feeling this. I have been feeling all the anxiety as a teacher who is back to school and a mom of two. Thank you for this post – nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

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