Guided Grounding

“During the early months of COVID I realized I was managing my stress better than ever before. A big part of my ability to do that was the consistency of participating in Robyn’s Guided Grounding meditations.”
– Beth

When the frenzy of the pandemic hit, there was one message that kept repeating in my head: “I’ve got this.”

This reassuring gut feeling came from my consistent personal practice of returning to my breath and connecting to my intuition, something I have been personally practicing, as well as integrating into my work with clients, for over a decade. This connection allows me to feel in control and able continue to show up for my family, my community, and myself by tapping into my own inner knowing. With all the instability in 2020, I felt a strong intuitive pull that I had to bring this practice to my wider community.

And it worked– over the course of three months, hundreds of participants tuned in live for my Guided Grounded Meditations three times each week, and thousands watched and returned to replays again and again, breathing along with me to transform their connection to themselves too. Buzzfeed and Apartment Therapy loved the meditation sessions, too!

“Your meditation came at a time, on a day where I simply NEEDED to feel like I was enough. it spoke to my soul, thank you”
– Katie

“Absolutely love this meditation. I used it to start what felt like a very hectic Friday morning and I felt so calm and ready to tackle the day afterward. These meditations are a true gift!”
– Rachel

While I’m feeling a lot of hope, the reality is that we’re still living with a lot of uncertainty in a critically important time in our national and world history. Once again, I had a deep knowing that now more than ever the Guided Grounding Meditations are needed — and in an even more intentional way.

I launched the Guided Grounding Group Experience last month and over 120 amazing people became a part of this special group. The sessions were so incredible, the community so supportive, and the results so REAL, I decided to run this group one more time!

The Guided Grounding Group takes our meditation experience together to a deeper level through longer sessions and specific journaling practices, and additional guidance through reflection questions. Beyond our practices, The Guided Grounding Group also provides a safe and supportive container for connecting to yourself while in a community of others doing the same (which may be the most important part of it all!)

Through integrating meditation and breathing practices into your routine, you too will be able to:

Here’s what some of the group members had to say about their experience in the last round (and they’re already signed up for Round 2!)

I feel like I  have an additional inner voice lately – the one that encourages gratitude and self-trust and self-care!

“I have been festering on a life decision for quite some time and during the mediations it has come to be several times what I need to do and how I am so ready now to do it!”

I definitely feel more grounded and hopeful even during these crazy times.”

Here’s what’s included when you join the four-week Guided Grounding Group:

Guided Grounding meditation sessions feature a unique styling of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Ethereal Sounds and Robyn’s own intuitively guided principles to help people connect to their heart, breathe into their bodies, ground into their purpose and live from a place of intention.

You don’t need to have a meditation practice or even consider yourself a “meditator” to be a part of this group. Think of these sessions as intentional “mindful moments” just for you, rather than a traditional meditation practice. Bottom line – come exactly as you are, whether you’re hanging solo in your apt (resisting all the good for you wellness things!), or have a little one on your hip getting through a pile of dishes, any version of you is completely welcome in the Guided Grounding Group.

Do you wish you could:

Here’s more from some of the participants in the group:

I feel like being part of this program has helped calm me. I joined during a period of extreme anxiety. I was able to quiet that pit in my stomach. I felt extremely supported in this group.”

Each session was so different. I got so much out of each one. I was able to work through some feelings. And dancing it out and letting go was awesome too!”

“I didn’t have a meditation practice before. Now I am beginning to use meditation at least a few days a week, even if only for a minute to calm anxiety!

WHEN: The Guided Grounding Group runs for four weeks, March 30th – April 23rd, with live Guided Grounding meditation sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30 AM EST

WHERE: It will be hosted on a private Instagram page just for community members. All of the replays will be posted on the Instagram page as soon as we finish, and we’ll use the comments to support each other— Robyn will be replying to every comment as well

INVESTMENT: The Guided Grounding Group is $97 if you pay in full and we offer a payment plan

NEW! RETREAT OPTION: We’re adding on the option of a virtual retreat experience this time! It will be an intimate online gathering where we’ll deep dive Guided Grounding style!  We’ll have extra time to meditate, journal, reflect, share, move and get coaching from me. Join us for this immersive 90-minute experience and leave feeling calmer and more connected to your heart, fueling you for the days and weeks ahead. The total investment for the retreat option is $297 and this includes the Guided Grounding Group ExperienceThe retreat will be hosted on Zoom on April 25th from 1:00 to 2:30 PM EST and the recording will be provided for those who can’t join live. 

Guided Grounding Group Experience

$97 USD

Guided Grounding Group + Retreat Experience

$297 USD

“Your meditations and Jeni’s ice cream have basically saved me during this pandemic”

How do you continue to cultivate trust in yourself and a feeling of control during such chaotic and unsettling times?

The Guided Grounding Group holds space for you to return to your center, and to continuously show up for yourself, even when it’s really hard.

Join us by signing up today.

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