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Robyn Youkilis is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, board-certified health coach, and wellness expert featured on The View, Cosmopolitan, E! News, The Wall Street Journal, and People Magazine, amongst others. The author of two bestselling books, Go with Your Gut and Thin from Within, Robyn is a leading authority on the intersection of gut health, mindset, intuition, and entrepreneurship, integrating spirituality and fun along the way.

With 15 years of experience in the wellness industry, Robyn is at the forefront of a revolution that empowers women to embrace their full potential in business and life. Her unique blend of authenticity, actionable strategies, and ability to make profound concepts fun and accessible inspires audiences to reclaim their power through a grounded, embodied approach to mental health and wellbeing. Thousands of people have experienced the magic firsthand in Robyn’s speaking engagements, workshops, digital courses, coaching programs, and mentorships through her business, Your Healthiest You.

Whether running her global wellness business, leading motivational meditations, or helping women thrive personally and professionally, Robyn’s goal remains the same: to equip others with practical tools for peak performance and physical and emotional health while inspiring joy, confidence, and purpose.



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    Go With Your Gut: Intuitive leadership for women and entrepreneurs

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    In this signature talk based on her best-selling book Go With Your Gut, Robyn provides a roadmap for women leaders and entrepreneurs to tap into their intuitive wisdom for greater clarity, productivity, and authentic leadership. Participants will learn to embody intuitive decision-making, navigate challenges with ease and confidence, and lead from a grounded, empowered place driven by their inner knowing. Drawing on evidence-based research, her expertise in holistic nutrition, and 15 years of experience running a successful digital, global business, Robyn also shares actionable healthy living tips and mindfulness practices to help participants optimize focus and emotional wellbeing. Participants will walk away equipped to trust their instincts, unleash their full leadership potential, and show up more focused and driven in their work.

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    Nourish and Thrive: Excelling in the hybrid workplace (and beyond!)

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    The hybrid work model brings unique challenges and opportunities around focus, connection, energy management, and work/life balance. In this talk, Robyn shares a holistic approach tailored for thriving in the future of work. She shares her go-to brain-boosting snacks, energizing recipes, and wind-down rituals. But it’s about more than just sprouted almonds and $4 kombuchas–it’s a toolkit to optimize cognitive performance and connect meaningfully with colleagues no matter your schedule or location. Participants will leave empowered with a routine that allows them to bring their most vibrant, focused selves to every video call, meeting, and project.

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    Guided Grounding Meditation: Cultivating inner trust and resilience

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    Join Robyn in an immersive meditation experience to cultivate inner trust, strength, peace, and resilience. Robyn’s signature Guided Grounding Meditations have reached thousands looking to ground into their bodies, manage stress, and feel centered in their work and life. These meditations feature a unique styling of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Ethereal Sounds, and Robyn’s own intuitively guided principles to help people connect to their hearts, breathe into their bodies, ground into their purpose, and live from a place of intention. You can feel the tension release and magic unfold in real time. Participants will walk away feeling grounded yet energized with a newfound sense of inner trust in their ability to stay flexible and make impactful decisions, even during turbulent times. This powerful standalone session can also integrate into other talks as an interactive component.

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    This is Who I Am Now: Thriving as a mama in today’s world

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    Robyn, mother of two, bestselling author, and entrepreneur, broke the code on how to put herself first, and now she’s sharing her secrets. This Is Who I Am Now is chock full of insights, practical tips, and motivation for prioritizing your wellbeing and navigating your evolving identity during motherhood. Whether you’re vacationing in Ibiza or looking for a moment of peace in your home office, this talk offers a refreshing perspective on motherhood and self-care, one where we celebrate breaking the rules and maximizing life while avoiding chaos and overwhelm. Participants will leave feeling seen, resourced, and ready to take action on integrating work, wellness, and family in a sustainable way. This talk will reignite participants’ confidence to thrive as women, moms, and leaders.

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A dynamic combination of wellness,
spirituality, business acumen, and fun, Robyn’s
intuitive approach to all things wellness,
alongside her 15+ years of experience in the
industry, sets her apart in an industry dictated
by gimmicky fads and passing trends.

Well-regarded for her international retreats, awe-inspiring speaking engagements, digital gatherings, coaching programs, and sold-out events, Robyn is an energetic thought leader and inspirational advocate for living life on your terms. From customized wellness workshops and company-wide meditations to intimate journaling sessions, Robyn commands an audience of any size, capturing their attention through her no-BS approach to life, wellness, gut health, and entrepreneurship. Her work has inspired participants to connect to their bodies, inner knowing, and inherent magic. Robyn has worked with thousands of women, helping them transform their work, wellbeing, and lives.


A 2019 study proved that 70% of employees who participated in corporate wellness programs felt higher job satisfaction than those who did not. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and employees, and dozens of startups, corporations, and nonprofits across the globe, and I’d love to bring my mix of mindset coaching, wellness, meditation, and motivational speaking to your work place.

  • Offering 1:
    Guided Grounded Team Meditations

    Meditation not only supports our physical and mental wellbeing, it also proven to be beneficial for business. A 2020 study found that employees who meditated saw a 120% increase in productivity! I’ll drop in virtually with your team (or locally if it’s an option) 1-3 times per week to offer quick yet powerful guided meditation sessions, tailored to your business goals and needs. Your team members will walk away feeling grounded, empowered, and ready to take on the work day.

  • Offering 2:
    One Week Wellbeing Intensive

    Is your work environment optimized for your employee wellbeing and success? We’ll dive in together over the course of a week. Armed with 15 years of experience running a health-focused business and 9 years facilitating digital spaces, I’ll meet with different departments and tailor a plan for optimal health, mindset, self-care, communications, and schedules for your team. On the last day I’ll meet with the whole team for an on-site company in house retreat. You’ll walk away with a tailored package for optimizing your workplace wellbeing!

Looking for something different? Let’s work together to find the perfect fit.
Custom packages available upon request.

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  • Past Clients: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • HelloWellness

  • BlogHer

  • The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

  • Wanderlust

  • Macy’s

  • Natural Products Expo

  • Grubhub Inc

  • Matchaful

  • The Assemblage

Partnerships + Collabs

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Partnering with some of the world’s leading wellness brands, Robyn helps to connect products with consumers fostering brand awareness and increasing household penetration. Robyn’s lifetime of experience in front of the camera and at-home studio enables her to broadcast live from her home – from cooking demos in her kitchen to leading thousands virtually in her personal meditation room. Available for co-branded media activations, live events, giveaways, sponsored posts, branded recipe collaborations, social media consulting, organic sharing, Instagram takeovers, and digital collaborations. See some examples of recent collaborations here.

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My best selling books

  • Go with Your Gut

    A recipe book and coaching guide, Go with Your Gut, reinforces Robyn’s simple yet effective lessons, such as “Breath,” “Chew,” “Eat,” and “Drink,” and features more than 75 easy, healthy, and delicious recipes.

    “Robyn is a true inspiration when it comes to healthy living. I’m lucky to have her on speed dial…now with ‘Go With Your Gut,’ my amazing friend has a whole book that helps us all be and feel like our best selves.”

    —Katie Lowes, Lead Actress on the hit TV show Scandal

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  • Thin From Within

    Featuring a 3-day reset, the good gut rule of five, and Robyn’s famous power parfait. Thin From Within is not about counting calories or ditching your favorite foods but empowering you to make the best choices that are right for your gut.

    “Not only will the beautiful recipes in this book nourish you from the inside out, but Robyn’s from-the-heart coaching methods will help you create a healthy, spiritual relationship with food and yourself.”

    —Gabrielle Bernstein​​, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker

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  • “Robyn is a magical mash-up of super-nerdy nutritionist with your stylish, good-advice-giving best girlfriend. She delivers clinical information in her program with a soft-yet-sassy style that only she can — her coaching is the straight-dish on how to be healthy from the inside out.”

    Diane Sanfilippo
    New York Times Bestselling Author of Practical Paleo
    and The 21-Day Sugar Detox
  • “Robyn is an extraordinary storyteller and teacher. Her expertise truly comes to life whenever she steps onto the stage.”

    Gabby Bernstein
    #1 New York Times Bestselling Author